Newtown, Connecticut — Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

I always try to keep my blog personal while avoiding mainstream news, so I struggled in my decision to write this post. Not because it’s not worthy or important, but because my heart aches for all of those affected and my words are nothing compared to their pain.

I won’t post links or photos — those are available from reliable news sources all over the web — you don’t need me to guide you there. But I will say this tragedy has brought me to tears… over and over in the past 12 hours. A parent should never have to bury their child. Especially a child who has lost their life at the hands of a criminal in such a heinous way. I can’t begin to fathom the pain and emptiness the parents of the deceased children must be feeling. To go home knowing their baby will never return. Looking at their gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree, remembering that excitement in their eyes knowing Santa was coming soon, that last kiss goodbye before school in the morning. Surely it’s more pain than anyone should ever have to endure.

Though I don’t know any of those personally affected, my heart breaks for them. My deepest sympathies go out to everyone in Newtown, Connecticut. They are all victims.