Murder at Marina Mall? [Kuwait]

Article relating to this crime, the suspects, and the victim can be found in the Kuwait Times.

Information is very limited, but it appears as though there was another stabbing in a mall in Kuwait. This time the incident took place at Marina Mall and it’s reported the male victim has died. I’ll add details once they’re available.

Update: The victim is said to be a 24 year old Kuwaiti male (unofficial source). There are also numerous photos of the victim though they’re very graphic and I won’t be posting them.

Update 2: Further information and photos are available at sh5abe6 blog. They say the victim’s name is Jamal Al-Enezi. (Note: Arabic blog)

Update 3: Additional information regarding the murder can be found at 248am blog. A witness said the young men were fighting over a girl and it escalated into physical violence. Fighting over girls is quite common and almost a way of ‘flirting’ — a manly gesture I suppose? In reality it’s terribly immature and the girl isn’t someone either intend to marry anyway (especially if she’s chatting it up with several guys). Senseless tragedy.

Update 4: Suspects have been apprehended.

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‘Sharp objects’, as described by the media, are often the weapon of choice in Kuwait. Though I can’t imagine people who are planning a shopping trip to a mall grab their sharp objects along with their wallet, credit cards, cash, etc. In other words there’s a good chance this murderer was looking for trouble.

In all the years I lived in Kuwait I felt incredibly safe. Random crime was rare and the only thing to fear were the crazy drivers on the highways. And though I still feel Kuwait is very safe, senseless crimes do seem to be on the rise. Of course people try to compare the crime rate between the US and Kuwait which is really a silly attempt. Numerous crimes go unreported (for a variety of reasons) in Kuwait. And those that are reported are sometimes undocumented (for another variety of reasons). So the crime statistics aren’t even close to accurate. Corruption is still prevalent in Kuwait and until that changes nothing else can.

Wake up, Kuwait. It’s not pretty while standing on the outside looking in.