ISIS, Kuwait news, and misbehaving Americans

The past few days our news (morning, afternoon, and evening) have consisted of endless reports of ISIS, war, invasion, and murder. Of course we’re getting the glorified ‘Hollywood’ style reporting. The type which kept my mother worried for years — even while I lived I Abu Dhabi. So I decided the best place to get something resembling reality would be via the Kuwait newspapers I keep up with regularly. (We do travel back and forth a number of times a year, as well as having family, a home, and businesses there — keeping up with Kuwait is still an important part of our lives.) Fortunately, and as expected, I discovered there’s no media frenzy taking place in Kuwait regarding ISIS. If anything it’s only mentioned a couple of times. Desert Girl did an awesome post about it as well and she’s far more interesting than the local newspapers.


What I did find quite interesting this morning were the number of articles regarding Americans and their criminal behavior in Kuwait. Some are about a month old, but I haven’t kept up with the crime section lately as it reads more like a trashy tabloid. However, ‘US juvenile rapes teen‘ did catch my attention. Followed by the drunk American story and the American threatening to kill his wife. Not that Americans committing crimes is a new thing, but it seems more prevalent in Kuwait now as compared to a number of years ago.

C’mon, people, if it’s a crime in America you know it’s a crime in Kuwait. Why run the risk of facing a judicial system you know nothing about in a country where the official language is probably one you don’t speak?

“Merci, Tolerance, Assistance To All Of God’s Creatures Alike” — Arab Times

Such a fabulous and much needed article published in the Arab Times today. Below is an excerpt and the full article can be found here.

“The Quran further describes animals, and all living things, as ‘muslim’ – in the sense that they live in the way that Allah created them to live, and obey Allah’s laws in the natural world. Although animals do not have free will, they follow their natural, God-given instincts – and in that sense they “submit to God’s will,” which is Islam. “Seest thou not that it is Allah whose praise all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise, and Allah knows well all that they do.” (Qur’an 24:41)”


Doctors Warned Against Issuing Sick Leave To People Not Ill — Kuwait

The Kuwait Labor Law specifically outlines the number of sick days an employee can take within a year. The first 15 of those days being at full pay — with a proper medical certificate. However, it’s no secret obtaining a medical certificate is only a phone call away. Especially if a family member is a Doctor. Yeah, we’ve all done it.

Now it seems medical professionals have been warned to stop issuing medical certificates for people who aren’t really sick. And? Do they really think fake medical certs and people pretending to be sick is the root of the problem? This kind of behavior is only a symptom of a far more serious problem.

I love Kuwait, my husband is from Kuwait, his entire family is still in Kuwait, and I have certainly benefited from the generosity of Kuwait. So this isn’t a verbal assault. But there are numerous flaws in the system. Starting with the cradle to grave welfare system. Of course the intentions are good, but when you give someone a comfortable life they never learn to appreciate it… and certainly never learn to work for it. Resulting in excessive attendance problems, poor performance, and outright disrespect for their employer — to the point of taking sick leave as often as they want.

I really could go on and on, but what difference is it going to make? So yeah, Doctors, stop issuing those medical certificates to your cousins 🙂

Returning Workers To Undergo Medical Tests 

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 28: Ministry of Health has warned doctors from issuing sick leaves to individuals who do not deserve to get them, adding that they will be referred for investigations in case violations in this regard are discovered by the concerned authorities, reports Al-Kuwaitiah daily quoting informed sources.
They indicated that the ministry is firm about this matter, adding that any sick leaves issued before or after the national days’ holidays will be reviewed to ensure they were issued for valid reasons.

Sources also revealed that some medical centers easily issue sick leaves, which encourages people and adds fuel to the problem.

Meanwhile, they indicated that the Ministry of Health was almost empty on Wednesday due to several reasons, adding that some employees were on official assignments while others were on vacation.