Thanksgiving — November 24

Though today is only November 12, I can’t help but be excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving. Of course I’ll really miss cooking for my family in America, but I’m looking forward to planning something small for my husband. Though he’s been to America, he’s never experienced a crazy Southern chick in a kitchen on a holiday filled with cooking. He’s in for a treat!

Right now we’re in the midst of remodeling and moving, but somehow I’m going to squeeze in Thanksgiving Dinner cooking time. It’s time he learns what a ‘real’ biscuit is!

Dishdasha Shopping and Winter!

As the weather is rapidly changing in Kuwait I’m finding myself longing for the desert. This time of year is my favorite in Kuwait. The smell of shisha and fahem seem to fill the night air and bring me a sense of comfort. I also favor the winter dishdashas with all the color and warmth they seem to display.

This morning I decided today was going to be more productive than the past week. I’ve been putting a lot of things off lately and can’t stand the feeling of not getting done what needs to be done. One of those things was winter dishdasha shopping. Certainly not a chore in my book — but definitely his. So I went alone as he headed out to the office. I found myself surrounded by gorgeous hues of greys and blacks on soft wool material. Though I’m obviously not the one wearing them, I do believe in comfort yet quality. So I’m quite particular about the material I’ll choose. I also like to think I have exquisite taste.

Maybe it’s the weather, or the fact I finally have my ‘stuff’ moved here from Abu Dhabi, but life is starting to feel as though everything ‘fits’.

Further information; winter materials (English and Italian wool) are on sale in Kuwait City (not Mubarakiya). Normally 25KD per meter now about 12KD per meter. Of course there are some materials upwards of 100KD per meter which was waaaaay out of my price range — but even those are about half off.

Clouds Over Abu Dhabi

I love weather — and not the hot and sunny kind. I prefer clouds, rain, storms, or any conditions which stray from the standard ‘good grief it’s so hot I could melt’ temperatures offered in the Gulf.

As of yesterday, our skies have been filled with huge cumulus and stratocumulus clouds. Many appearing as though they’re on the verge of bursting and releasing a flood of rain into the desert. Chances of that happening this early in the year is quite slim. Yet their presence is indicative of moisture — and a change in barometric pressure — eventually leading to rainfall.

We did exercise class outside this morning. The weather was simply amazing. Blue skies, gorgeous cloud coverage, and a cool breeze. Such a gorgeous start to the day.

These are the types of clouds which remind me of home… American clouds.

Park 51 Mosque (aka Ground Zero Mosque)

The sketches and design for the new Park 51 Community Center (also known as the Ground Zero Mosque which is causing so much controversy) have been released. For those who protest this being built, they probably like the design. Personally — I’m not fond of it at all.

I suppose one thing I should clarify (for anyone who isn’t aware), this ‘Mosque’ which has created so much controversy really isn’t a Mosque at all per se. It’s a community center which happens to house a Mosque as well. However, it will also have a gym, daycare, and other community related activities — not specifically related to Islam.

So why is this community center which is being built over 2 blocks away from Ground Zero (see location image below) causing so much tension and controversy in America? Well, simple — because some people have small minds and refuse to educate themselves on the topic. Period. It’s far easier for some to hear “Ground Zero Mosque” and pass judgement without further investigation into the subject. These are the same people who spread hate and fear by twisting facts, creating facades, and convincing those less intelligent of how ‘right’ they are.

I think the community center is a fantastic idea — regardless of the location. It offers a number of things for the local residents, and in NYC, that’s always a good thing. But, a Mosque inside? Eh, not really my favorite idea. Sure, prayer rooms — no problem. But I feel a Mosque should be a stand alone building, displaying greatness and beauty.

In the end — this controversial construction has been funded, approved, and will be built. Photos of design and sketches below.

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Abu Dhabi Day — The Corniche

Anyone who knows me also knows I really am a desert lover — the city (especially a crowded city) just isn’t my scene. Since being in Abu Dhabi I find myself driving in the direction of Al Ain — opposite the city. I shop, eat, and go to salons in my little desert community and truly love it. When I mentioned to someone I had yet to venture out to the Corniche since arriving they were shocked — how could I have never gone to see the beach (in the city — I see Raha Beach often), Marina Mall, etc? Eh, I lived on the beach for years in Kuwait… penthouse apartment overlooking the sea. The novelty wears off. I found myself driving to Jahra for coffee on the weekends just to get out of the city. Long story short… I was invited on a ‘tour’ of the Corniche and accepted. Whyyyyy do I do this to myself? Oh well, it’s done, I survived, lesson learned. But I did manage to take pictures and tried really hard to stop checking the time on my phone. I was polite… nauseous but polite!

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