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  1. If purchase slave husband is muslim and this tie not only for sexual satisfaction.
    If both partner agree for conceiving purpose. Its good idea.

    • Though ‘slavery’ is somewhat controversial in Islam, even when it was a condoned practice, slaves were never to be Muslim. So to state someone should ‘purchase’ a ‘slave’ husband as long as he is ‘Muslim’ is a contradiction within itself.

      Furthermore, Islam does not condone the practice of purposely or willfully causing harm to another person. And though someone might treat a ‘slave’ very well, keeping one against their will is a form of causing harm.

      Of course I am no expert on the topic and generally steer clear of discussing religion, but when one feels it’s a ‘good idea’ to purchase a human being and keep them as a slave I have to revert back to what’s in my heart, and what I have always learned as right and wrong in Islam. And to take ownership of another person for any reason just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Subject: Poisoned Dogs


    My name is Rabab and I was planning on going to the authority responsible for putting the poison. I have been there before for another issue, with no luck in even finding staff. They do not fall under any ministry as they are an independent authority.
    Preliminary, there is a chance that I already know the person managing this as my brother said that he is a family friend. But I need to make sure that he does actually hold that position before I can confirm it. Either way, I want to go and talk to someone. I am planning on going alone. However, it would probably make a stronger case if more people went.

    Honestly speaking, it may not make a difference if we go, but I hope it will be worth the try. I wanted to point out two feasible requests:
    1. The first is to find a humane form of euthanasia.
    2. To mark the places where they put the poison until they find a better substitution.

    I have already emailed Mark from 248, but I have not received a response as of yet.

    If you are interested in coming or even organizing this, please do not hesitate to revert.

    I used to go walking with my dogs on the other side, just by Kuwait University and used to see them all the time. It is really beyond sad and is breaking my heart and haunting me.

    Thank you.

    Rabab Sadeq

    • Thank you so much for your comment and the information. I know a lot of people would be interested in going, however, I read yesterday the location of that office has been sealed off and the employees relocated — not sure if they’re attempting to hide the fact they’re responsible for this or if they’re just trying to protect employees.

      It would be great if we just continue to bring attention to this issue. I don’t condemn the government or the people who are employed to carry out these acts — I blame the lack of understanding and knowledge. We can’t expect them to have better answers until we all work together to provide them. So I really like the idea that you want to approach them with solutions, not to judge and point fingers. Kudos!

      I’ll continue to seek out contact information but I also suggest writing to the local newspapers and shelters. Perhaps they can help shed some light on this as well.

  3. Hello Again,

    Thank you for your response, and keep up the great job you guys are doing on publicizing the issue.

    Best Regards,

  4. Aslam o Aliakum HI how are you doing nice web site would you like to tell me about some history of baniyas Abu Dhabi i live there and doing job in Abu DHabi i want to now about the name of Baniyas…how it came into being.

    • Hi there and thank you for your comment. As for the name of Baniyas and how it came to be — that’s something I have no idea about. Since you live there, you might want to ask some of the locals as I’m sure they would take great pleasure in sharing the history with you. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance but hopefully someone in your area can be.

  5. I wanna marry with American girl, I’m 27 years Indian boy. As well as poor i need a good and very good girl with heart. Thanks

    • You can meet one through work or mutual friends, you can get to know her, spend time with her, respect her, fall in love with her, and hope she feels the same.

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  9. Hi ! I wasn’t sure where to post this but here it goes. I’m an American girl from Georgia. My boyfriend is Emirati. We are planning to marry here this summer. His family will be coming and I’m just in a panic. I don’t know how to even begin planning our wedding. I want it to be a mix of his culture and mine. I’m a Christian and he’s a Muslim so we’re just having a civil wedding and our party. I need help ! I know NO Emirati girls or even American girls married to Gulf guys. Another thing, I just found out I won’t be given his family name after we marry. I’m shocked. I always imagined the day when I would marry and take my husband’s name and now I can’t because of Emirati tradition ?? Ugh Can somebody please enlighten me on this subject !? I read your love story, its amazing 😀 Mabrouk !

    • Hi Amber. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting and stressful at the same time.

      I’m a bit curious, if you’re the one doing the wedding planning are you doing segregated weddings? One for the men and another for the women? Have the men already had their wedding in the UAE? Will he have it before arriving to the US? Gulf weddings are almost always segregated and the woman’s wedding planned by the mothers with help from the bride and/or a planner. But since his family is attending the wedding in the US then I suggest you plan it exactly the way you would have planned a wedding should you be marrying an American man. Not as any disrespect to his family, but I suspect they’ll have their traditional celebrations upon returning to the UAE with their family members. Of course if his mother (or him) have any input or suggestions, then by all means, respect their wishes if at all possible.

      As for the last name, you can certainly change yours. Traditionally, it doesn’t happen because when a girl is born she’s given her father’s name, ex. Reem Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed Al-XXXXX (tribe name). Upon marriage she doesn’t change all of that to her husband’s name. In our case, not sharing a last name and living in America resulted in always having to carry a copy of our marriage certificate when conducting business. I also felt sharing a last name would be easier when traveling or staying in hotels in the Middle East… less questions. Yet my struggle was deciding whether I would take on the family name or the actual tribe name (my husband never uses his tribe name but it is on all of his legal documents). My husband had no opinion one way or the other because he had never even heard of a woman changing her last name.

      And thank you for your kind words. My husband and I do have a wonderful marriage mashallah. But it’s not an easy road and it takes a lot of compromise on both parts. Fortunately we’re both willing to put forth the effort.

      Wishing you all the best!

  10. i was wondering how to join in on conversations…im an american woman in love with a arab/jordanian man who is 20 years younger then me and i really would love some advice or maybe make a friend whos in a similiar situation and maybe conpare stories….

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  17. Hi American girl my name is Ashley and I married a Jordanian man almost two and a half months ago and its my first marriage and first time with an arabic man. I don’t know the Arabic language and every time he speaks to his cousin who’s not blood related to him or buddies its like he acts like he can’t speak English around me when he is talking to them. I told him nicely if he can speak English to them atleast when I’m around. He has been in such a hurry to get his green card which is what mostly comes out of his mouth and I am so in love with him but can’t shake this feeling that maybe he is just trying to use me to get his green card and that maybe he is going behind my back and talking to other women except family of course. I’ve spoken to his mom and sister and brother and I love them as well. But how can I get him to understand how I am feeling right now? I need help and advice

    • Hi Ashley, thank you for sharing your concerns. I’ll do my best to address them and hopefully help in some way. Also, please feel free to check out the Arab/American Marriage post where you might get some insight from other comments.

      Is it possible the friends your husband is speaking to in Arabic just can’t understand English that well? When my husband speaks to his brothers (who speak English just fine) he still sometimes speaks in Arabic because they can often express themselves better. Especially when it’s something of great importance. Arabic has so many more words than the English language and native Arabic speakers often find it easier to say how they’re really feeling or what they’re really thinking in their language. However, if it bothers you, simply explain to him that it bothers you when he speaks a language you don’t understand and that it makes you feel uneasy.

      As for the green card, ask him why the hurry. Does he want to work? Study?

      Also, where did you meet and marry him? That could provide some insight as well.

      Wishing you all the best.

      • I met him at a store where he was helping a good friend of his and I was a customer he flirted a little bit and gave me his number and we communicated for a lil while I moved in with him and his cousin and two months after that got married it was at a magistrates office. And u maybe right it may be easier for them to communicate in their language and I’ve told him that I felt like an outcast because I can’t understand the language to be able to join in on the conversation and I feel like it went in one ear and out the other because he still does it. And he mentioned to me a couple days ago that he wanted to get a better kind of work to where he is able to pay taxes

        • Thank you for your answer but I think it might lead me to more questions… I hope I’m not prying.

          If he was already here in America, what type of visa was he on? Was his visa valid? And, obviously he wasn’t here on a work visa since he was ‘helping a friend’ in an attempt to make some cash I’m assuming.

          That being said, once you’re married it doesn’t automatically mean he’s eligible for a green card. You have to actually apply for one, and depending on his status in the US prior to marriage, his green card could be delayed, or even denied. It’s possible he’ll be required to leave America while you’re waiting for the spouse visa. Is he aware it could literally take YEARS for him to get a green card? Perhaps you should mention that to him and see his reaction. That might answer your questions about his real intentions.

          Of course being in love and getting married is a great thing, but how does your family feel about you marrying a man who can’t even legally work? How do you feel about it? What’s his background and education level? Instead of being concerned about his desire for a green card you might want to ask yourself why you were willing to settle for a man who has to rely solely on you for everything. I hope I’m not being too harsh, it’s certainly not my intention.

      • My family loves him to death.his visa is valid and no its not a work visa my family doesnt know that he doesnt have a legal status and I told him it’s gonna take years til he can get a green card. And the lawyer told us once we get everything that he needs that he will send it all in and within a few weeks he will get a work visa. But my thing is the feeling I get when he mentions about a green card I wonder if that’s all he wants but he tells me he wants a future with me kids a house to legally work in the US to get me my own car etc and tells me he loves me but not 100% sure if he’s just saying that because he thinks I wanna hear it

        • OK, a little confusing… you say his visa IS valid but that your family doesn’t know he’s NOT legal. Typo? Or am I missing something?

          Unfortunately there’s no real way to know exactly why he married you. However, I think it’s important you trust your instinct. With ANY relationship. If something just doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. But this doesn’t mean to just create problems. Try to relax. Enjoy being married. But keep your eyes open for things that really aren’t right.

          You mention that you think he might be talking to other women but you haven’t said if there’s any real evidence. Is it possible you’re just feeling a little insecure because of the Arabic speaking, the green card questions, and the new marriage?

          I will say this; it’s VERY important that you express to HIM all of this. Tell him how the Arabic makes you uncomfortable and when he continues to do it outright ask him why. And reiterate to him how it makes you feel. When you suspect he’s talking to a woman, ask him who it is. Confront him with things that you don’t feel comfortable about. It’s either that or continue to live in constant emotional turmoil and questions.

          Keep me posted.

          By the way, you really don’t need to hire a Lawyer to do the paperwork. It’s simple and you can do it yourself without having to pay someone those expensive fees.

    • As you said, he want use of your nationality only for green cart, absolutely after getting, he leave you. I believe every one should follow the self heart but don’t forget for taking brain, every one can make paradise in every place, paradise is very close but some people looking for it only in USA, strange thinking strange people, I am Iranian and I try for finding the dow not only for me but also for any girl that I promise to her for going together in the end if life

  18. And maybe I do have insecurities about the whole thing but its like everyone tells him that he’s a very good looking and attractive man also saying they’ll do anything for him I just don’t want him to get his ego so high to where he would start being really sneaky and giving out his number. And I have seen text messages but I can’t understand them due to it all being in Arabic

    • I’m a little sad to read this. If anything, you should want your husband to be confident and secure. Instead of wanting to limit his self esteem perhaps start working on building yours. Regardless of his physical appearance or how others view him, a sneak person is going to be a sneaky person. And an insecure woman is only going to run him out the door. If you fear this man is going to be giving his number to other women, then run! And fast! Don’t blame your insecurities on his good looks… go fix yourself.

      In all honesty, the entire relationship/marriage sounds questionable. If he can’t respect you enough to speak English when you ask him to, and you aren’t secure enough to want a confident husband, then your marriage is doomed. You two have a lot more to work on than green cards and visas, my dear.

      • In all honesty the marriage is going good besides the english part his self esteem is good he isnt hot headed like others are and my insecurity is not too much as u may think it is we’ve talked it out we are fine now. Thank u anyways

  19. And I wasn’t blaming some of my insecurities on his good looks I’m glad he’s confident but u know how some of these other women are they will do whatever they can to get the man but won’t stop til they finally have him and I am working on my trust from the past that got me to a point to where it got kind of difficult to fully trust someone and all honesty I haven’t tooken it out on him we talked last night and I think he might of understood what I said so we’ll see how it goes

    • So glad you’ve talked and feel as though things are going to get better. Communication is so very important.

      You say ‘women will do whatever and won’t stop till they finally have him’ — you realize it takes two? I discussed this comment with my husband yesterday because I can’t imagine that any woman could come along and just ‘steal’ my husband. I wanted to get his take on the thought. He said, “A woman (or man) will only flirt more than once if they’ve been given a reason to. No one is going to constantly flirt with a person who has given no indication that it’s acceptable to do so.” And he’s exactly right. A woman can come along and flirt with your husband, but if he shuts her down at the first attempt then she can’t continue to try anything. It’s important that your husband respects you enough to do this, and important that you trust he respects you.

      Wishing you all the best.

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    • Hi Ramesh. What you are suggesting is to marry an American woman as a way for you to move to America. Do you realize this is a federal crime and immigration fraud? Do you realize you could not only go to prison but also be deported for the rest of your life? Why do you think marrying an American is the ‘easy’ way to get to America? How about applying for a student visa or work visa and try those options? Shame on you for suggesting someone commit a crime as a way to bring you to America.

  23. Hi im issam from morocco 28 yers old . I v tryed visa tourist to us but they refused me i dont now why ! Its very hurd to visit us lol as im the bigst fan of us .coz wen i wos 16 yers i vbeen listning to nelly and eminem… 2 pac. I fell burn inside wen im listing to this songs it pulls me to live in us lol. And i need a women to help me if she knows how cani immigret to us i see the only solution is marry.

    • Issam, having a penchant for rap music is not a reason to want to move to the US. Furthermore, suggesting that marrying an American woman is a good way for you to get here is a suggestion that you’re willing to commit immigration fraud (a felony) to get here. Additionally, you’ve been denied a visit visa for a reason. I have no idea what was discovered in your background, but for whatever reason, the USA has made the decision not to allow you entry. Accept that and make the best of life in your country.

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  29. I love America and its my dreamed country, I love American girls. world power! America, the great nation

    • What you are suggesting is a form of fraud. Not to mention, why would someone want to marry a man and have to pay for his entire existence?

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  31. Thank you for posting about your marriage. I need some advice . My boyfriend is a 25 year old Moroccan guy who lives in Moroccan. I’m a 21 year old Colombian girl born in the United States. In the beginning of our relationship everything was great. He was kind, sweet, understanding. Over the summer he changed. He ask me for money. He said if I didn’t pay his friend back $500 he owed him that he was going to accept a job out of town and there would not be any data connection to stay in touch. I sent him the money . Then he had to have $350 for a phone. I sent him that. He the said he was getting a laptop and there were be 2 payments due 21 days apart. I told him no and he says he selling the laptop to pay what’s owed on the time he has had it. This eliminates any way of if seeing each other until we could meet in December which I was paying for all of this . He uses his money to buy clothes and jewelry for like for the Eid celebration. I know I can have another guy because others are interested in me. I fell for him when he didn’t act this way but now my feelings are changing bc of the way he treats me. I’m not allowed to have one photo of myself on Facebook and he tells me who I can be friends with. I think he has another account because of a friend of mine who has a job hacking into other companies systems hacked an account he says is his and when he talks to me I’ve paid attention and I believe he switches back and fourth on messenger between accounts . I know it was wrong what my friend did but I had to know. I still want to believe it’s not true. He accuses me of doing things and I have lived my life waiting to se him for a year and I’m tired. I guess I just need to hear it from someone else the best thing to do . Preferable an outsider. I appreciate any advice you can give . Thank you for posting such a positive story of your marriage.

    • Celina, I first thank you how you have behaved during the relationship with that gentle man. secondly as you requested an advice I advice you to take an other time and get more patient and give him more chances to think. in Islamic perspective says “those who makes on you bad make them they will be kind and honest to you for ever”

    • Hi Celina! I found your comment and was certain I had replied as soon as I approved it. I’m so sorry!

      I’m certainly not an expert but I would say remove the fact that there are cultural differences and review what you’ve told me. What if he were just a guy you grew up with or went to college with? Would this seem normal to you? Better yet. What if this were a female friend? Would you accept this behavior?

      When a person (especially someone who claims to love you) starts asking you for money and ultimately making it seem as though your relationship is at risk if you don’t send it, then something is wrong. I understand you can develop feelings for someone without meeting, but the fact you haven’t met means the level of respect should be at the highest level. Additionally, until you’re in a physical relationship where finances are shared, a home is shared, a bed is shared, etc. then what’s yours is yours and what’s his is his. Don’t give away parts of yourself financially if he’s not doing the same.

      Additionally, this is a man you’ve never met yet he’s telling you who you can and can’t be friends with and what photos you’re allowed to post. What do you think is going to happen after you meet? I’ll tell you… he’s either going to become even more controlling, or, he’s going to sleep with you and disappear. Leaving you wondering why you dumped so many friends for a guy who so quickly dumped you.

      I’m not saying get rid of this guy all together. But stop allowing him to test your relationship. If he says he needs money to maintain contact with you then let him figure out a way to get it. Let him show you how important that contact is.

      Finally, in his culture (for the most part) it’s a shame for a man not to provide for a woman. And it’s even more shameful for a man to take money from a woman. Even married couples — the man provides and pays the bills while the woman spends her money on things she wants. Stop sending him money, explain to him that it’s unacceptable for him to ask, and see how important you really are.

      Please keep me posted as I always like to think reader’s comments might be helping others in similar situations.

      Wishing you all the best. And again, I do apologize for not replying to your comment sooner.

      • Hi American Girl, I apologize for having an outburst on you. I’m not myself because of a lot going on. I know that’s not a good excuse but I do hope you’ll accept my apology. I let him go as of today. If he chooses not to contact me and prove his feelings without me giving him money then we’ll never talk again. I don’t think I’ll hear from him because words were exchanged that were not so nice but I hate to say it I feel everything I said was the truth. He won’t even contribute anything to meet me. I feel like a fool. I think someone of 21 should not be as naive as I have been as a 21 year old woman. I gave him money from my student loan. It hurts to be used and lied to and that’s exactly what happen. I can find that here at home. I know I will find the right guy and I’m in no rush after this. Thank you for everything you said. I was sorry to read the disrespectful comments in that post you received. There’s good and bad in all places but some people like to be what I will say racist. Thank you again and I’ll be ok in time. I’ll leave you an update. Take care!!

        • Hi Celina.

          I’m glad you made the decision to let him go. You’re right, you can find a guy to use and mistreat you right here in your backyard. You certainly don’t need to waste your time with someone you feel isn’t putting forth as much into this relationship as you are.

          Keep in mind, there’s a part of him that probably really does care for you. But, there’s also a part of him that might see you as an opportunity for a green card and money. I suspect he will reach out to you soon. Be strong, don’t send money, remind him if he cares as much as you do then he’ll not only pay you back what he owes you (before you meet) but he’ll also start to contribute.

          Finally, you’re 21, not naive. You’re in a position in life to be learning — about everything. This relationship is a lesson for you. Embrace that and learn from it. In the not so distant future you’ll look back at this, wonder what you were thinking, and laugh about it. You’re certainly not a fool. You have trust and love and those are valuable emotions. And yes, you will find the right guy and he’ll have the same wonderful qualities you do.

          As far as your outburst — it’s OK. I understand your frustration and there’s no apology needed.

      • Hello
        I am a 24years old boy from iran. I have been looking for an American lady to marry with for citizenship. I will pay money. Is there any one who can help me?

        • What you are suggesting is fraud. It’s against the law and absolutely unacceptable. If you are caught suggesting this you will never be given a visa to the US — not even for visit or business purposes. Stop trying to scam someone and find a wife the traditional way.

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  33. I can see that with the guy all is about money there is no love if the guy is very selfish and does not understand what is doin’ cause its like you’re forcing things with money the best thing is to let him go if all is about money. Love does not work with money. Franck Bevine(South Africa)

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  35. Hi American girl,

    I find your blog really interesting and it is so cool to hear of the benefits of intercultural marriages/relationships and your personal experience! I just wanted to ask for advice. I have been dating a Arab man for 7 months now. Although he has never lived in a middle eastern country, he grew up in Europe but he identifies as culturally Arab as he has 2 fully Arab parents, is personally Muslim, etc. I am just worried that our relationship is not going to go anywhere. We do get in little fights sometimes, as all couples do, but regardless he truly does treat me like a princess! But, I have not met ANY of his family or friends. He will always take my calls when he is with friends, and says he has told his brother and best friend about me but it still seems that there is no time in sight for me meeting people close to him. I don’t want to be pushy and annoying because that is not who I am at all but I am getting worried, especially because he has met my family and friends and often talks about marriage with me. Also i’m madly in love with him lol. We are in college (thats how we met) so marriage is not something I want right at this moment but I want to know for sure he is serious about me. I have talked with him before about meeting at least his friends who he hangs out with at mosque and he has told me that they would tell his parents that he was dating and potentially he wouldn’t be able to be with me. I know everyones experience is different but the comment I have heard the most in serious relations with Arabs is you have to meet the family and friends or marriage is very unlikely. He says his parents have also clearly expressed that they want him to marry a non-American girl but he doesn’t feel like I am because I’m half german half Italian but just born in America. He also says he asked them to not search for a wife for him as most Arab parents usually automatically do. Am I being naive? Do you think there is any chance of me being with him if I don’t now or ever have family approval? I know family/cultural holds are strong but shouldn’t a man do whatever he can to refine or challenge those boundaries if he is truly in love? I would love your input!

    • When reading the comments from readers who have met their Arab boyfriend in college I can’t help but to wonder if they’re referring to one of my brothers in law who are here studying in America. I try to picture them dating, meeting women, and discussing marriage. I consider myself very close to my brothers in law and I often ask them if they have considered marrying anyone in the US or will they wait to return to Kuwait and marry there. Both explain they want to get their education before even considering marriage. So while they might mention a girl they think is attractive or fun to talk to, they never seem overly serious. Of course, this could be because I’m a woman and it’s not the most comfortable conversation for them, but I get the sense they’re being honest.

      In your case, your boyfriend has never even lived abroad, so I can’t imagine there would be an expectation for him to marry from his home country. However, there are some families that feel very strongly about marrying within the culture and the expectation does exist. Does he go back to the home country to visit? Does he display any part of his culture in his actions? Explain that you would like to meet his family and see what he says. Give him your reasons and be honest.

  36. Hello American Girl,

    I hope you are well today.

    Im not American citizen but i hope you can give me some sort of legal advise based on your knowledge in Kuwait Labor Law. The following are my question need to know.

    1. My pre-contract agreement in my country before i arrived here in Kuwait was altered after 4 months working here my salary and my designation was being changed. And also, my company didnt give me additional cash allowance for my accomodation since im now living outside the company accomodation. My operation manager only verbally approach me that my position and salary will be demoted without any papers provided. My question is, can i ask a realease paper with my company even if im not still 1 year in work. Im only turning 7 months this December, 2016. Another questions, if i sue my employer through shoon il still be working?
    Please i really need your legal advise of the above mentioned issues.

    Thank you so much.

    God bless you always.

    • Hi Justin, it would help to know what nationality you are. I’m ashamed to even have to ask that, but sadly it does make a difference in Kuwait. It’s not uncommon for people to come from less fortunate countries seeking a better opportunity in Kuwait only to find themselves in a bad situation. Often they’re lied to about the job they’ll have, their passports are held, and they’re not getting near the salary they were promised prior to getting to Kuwait. I do hope this isn’t your situation.

  37. Hi American Girl,
    II just read your blog and I see you are giving some very good advice. I wonder if you might have some for me as well.
    I was raised in America and have always been a seeker and lover of truth. For years I read the Bible alone. It is really hard for me to find a man because most people are so curropt in this world and I won’t bring kids up in this satanic system. Even a lot of “good christian” men eat pork and think it’s ok to kill muslims . Totally satanic, hello!!
    I believe in one God, and when I hear muslims speak it seems like they are pretty right and true. Allah and Abbas same thing!
    So I finally realized that I’m pretty sure a good Muslim man is what I want. If I had a man that prayed five times a day and fasted for Ramadan, I would worship the ground he walks on!
    The advice I’m looking for is this;
    I finally put a profile up on Arab lounge. I’m 39 but much younger looking. I get a lot of interest but nothing that feels right yet. A lot of men are way older than me and I’m not into that at all. I’m not a hypocrite about this because everywhere I go young men, as young as 23 are hitting on me. I tell them they’re too young. I have nephews that age. I was changing their diapers and taking care of them when I was 15 years old. I would feel like a child molester to be with a man that young, would never do it! Likewise, I view men who are that much older than me as child molesters as well. If you’re 15 years older than me you should see yourself as an uncle or mentor, not be trying to date me.
    So, I saw this beautiful Saudi Muslim man with a picture of him in a mosque. He is my same age . He lives in Dubai. His profile says he would consider a woman as much as five years older than me. So even though we are the same age, maybe (inshAllah) I’m not too old for him.
    The thing is, I don’t have a picture on my profile because it’s embarrassing for me to have my pic up on a dating site.
    I sent him a “wink”, but he hasn’t responded. All he can see from my profile is my age , that I’m American, love God, and I’m looking for a Muslim husband.
    Do you think I should upload a picture so he can see my face, and send him a message? Or is this behavior too aggressive and maybe turn him off and look desperate?
    Also, how would I go about impressing a man like this? And do you think this kind of man would ever consider an American for marriage?
    Am I just dreaming? Please let me know your thoughts if you have time.
    A little more about me to give you an idea. I study natural health and would like to open a health center. I’m told I’m beautiful but I would say 7/10. I own a couple properties and don’t have to work anymore because my bills are paid by these investments. I could relocate and open a juice bar in Dubai for example or anywhere for that matter. I plan on living outside America. I’m not attached to this American life at all. Thank you.

    • Hi, shell. Thank you for sharing your story with me and thank you for your kind words.

      I’m glad that you’ve found something that brings you a sense of comfort and happiness in life and are seeking a man who has discovered the same. However, I’m not sure meeting a Muslim man on a dating site is the best approach. In Islam, ‘dating’ isn’t necessarily as acceptable as it might be in other religions. So a man who dates a woman doesn’t always view her as a potential wife. I know many men who wouldn’t even marry a woman if she spoke to him privately on the phone before marriage, much less had her photo visible on a dating site. Obviously, those are the far more conservative Muslims.

      If you’re really interested in meeting a Muslim man you might want to consider finding your local Islamic Center and attending some of their events. It would allow you to meet some locals as well as learn a little more about Islam at the same time. You could also consider shopping, dining, etc. in areas that have a higher Arab population near your home (generally larger cities with more diversity).

      Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that a Muslim born and raised in Saudi Arabia is probably going to have a different mentality than one who was born and raised in America. Often times culture and religion become intertwined in some regions and Saudi, while a lovely country, is guilty of that.

      Finally, as with any culture, religion, etc. there are people who have a tendency to take things to the extreme. It’s not uncommon for people of any religion to interpret different meanings from religious books and to convince themselves their behavior is acceptable.

      Wishing you all the best in finding someone who is compatible with you and your beliefs. Start local — don’t give up your comfort and security of home just yet.

  38. I’m a 14 year old American girl and i want to share my story. I was 12 when i met him he was pakistani and i loved him and he loved me back but my family did not trust him at all they started calling me a scudmissle and rag head ect. i really didnt listen but finally they told me i must never speak to him again i super heartbroken but now that i saw all of this ill make a difference.(=

    • Hi there. At 14 we’re still sometimes unsure of what we want in life. By the time you’re 20 you’ll question everything you ever did at the age of 14. Not to say your feelings aren’t real, but they’re definitely ever changing at such a young age.

      As for your family, I’m sure they love you dearly, but it sounds as though they need a good dose of culture and education.

  39. Hi American Girl,

    Recently I found your website and I want to thank you for the helpful and informative advice you give to women by sharing your experiences. I hope you can also advice me, regarding my question if it is possible for a Western woman and an Arab man to be just friends.

    (I apologise for the long story)

    I am a 30 year old Spanish/Dutch woman. In the beginning of this year, I met a 32 year old Arab man in my French class and in the beginning there was nothing special about our contact in class. After two months he asked me if I wanted to join him for tea after French class, because he wanted to share a personal story with me. After this, I felt more sympathy for him and we started to work more together in class and sometimes meet for tea.

    Normally, I would think it takes more time than half a year to become good friends, but we both had some bad luck this summer (he lost his job, I was in a car accident) and I very much appreciate his support and attitude during this time.

    By the end of summer we were both doing fine again. Sometimes, I started to feel attracted to him and this made me feel uncomfortable, because I feared my feelings could damage our friendship. So I told him how I felt and that I thought it was better if we would meet together with mutual friends instead of one-on-one.

    His initial reaction was very kind and understanding. He told me for the first time that he is in a relationship, but probably feels the same attraction to me as I feel to him. He said he hopes this doesn’t mean he will loose me as a friend. Of course I reacted only positive and calm to the news he was in a relationship. Although, I didn’t ask any questions like; who is it, for how long are you in a relationship etc.

    In the weeks that followed we were in contact as normal, although I initiated less contact than usual. He directly asked me why I contacted him less and said I should stop being too sensitive about him being in a relationship and that I could always contact him no matter what it was about. I always appreciated how he knows how to clear the air. I even think that we never had any major (cultural) misunderstandings between us, because from the start we have been both open and caring towards each other. All contact always felt comfortable and respectful.

    That’s why our last conversation was so out of character. To make it even worse: it happened in a WhatsApp conversation about the most stupidest thing. I will soon move to another country because of my work. That’s why I stopped taking French classes. He knows this of course. He decided to switch from French class to another language. I like that he is thinking about learning a new language and I asked him why he choose this new language. The question was meant to be neutral, like we have asked each other hundreds of questions over the last 10 months. He became irritated with me and said I don’t understand anything about him or the Middle East. I didn’t understand this reaction and the link with the Middle East. I got angry as well, but also immediately apologised. He never replied.

    The silence treatment I am on the receiving end of is going on for almost two weeks now. I feel both guilty and awkward about the current situation. I feel it’s my fault because I told him I feel sometimes attracted to him and I asked a question that angered him somehow.

    Of course I know not every relationship (friendship or romantic) lasts forever. Still I am sad things went this way. How do you see this? Can or should I do something to repair the friendship or should I let it go and accept the friendship is over?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I wish you all the best, Emma

    • Hi Emma, thank you for sharing your story.

      To answer your question, I think only you know what’s best. Does the friendship just bring you constant pain and confusion? If so, then why are you trying to maintain it? Does it bring you happiness and make you feel like you have a genuine friend in him? Then perhaps it’s worth continuing to build the bond.

      Regardless of culture and ethnic backgrounds, consciously keeping negativity in your life hoping it will change is never a good decision.

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