I’m a happily married woman who loves life and all it has to offer. I attempt to follow my dreams and embrace every experience — the good and the bad. Everything in life is a gift just sometimes in ugly wrapping. Being a ‘good’ person truly matters to me and I attempt to make positive changes every step of the way. I sometimes succeed… others not so much.

My personal life and professional life go hand in hand in many ways. I love people and firmly believe we’re all equals and should be treated as such.

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  1. Am one of many americans having the same problem with an american company. Is Mussa ed Jamal Al-Riyahi the best Attorney to help us with this problem. If you know a better one please tell us. If not. Please email myself the phone number of this Attorney.
    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry you’re having issues with your employer. If you would like to email me further information, to include the problems you’re having and violations you feel are taking place, then please do so and I will attempt to refer you to a highly qualified Attorney in the area. I can be reached at americangirlinkuwait@gmail.com.

  2. Can someone provide me with Attorney Mussa’ed Jamal Al-Riyahi’d phone number and e-mail address. I really need it.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have that information. Perhaps someone will read this comment and be able to assist.

  3. Hi 🙂 I just stumbled upon your blog and love the way you write! I have been glued to it for over an hour now! From what I understood you’re not living in kuwait at the moment, too bad because I really enjoyed your articles. I just moved here and am searching the net for all kuwait related things, your blog has been very helpful! Thank you! Wish you and your family all the best!

    • Hi Denise, how very sweet of you. Thank you!

      We’re currently back in the US but still maintain our home in Kuwait and will always find time to ‘live’ there at different times during the year. However, the more we’re adapting to life in America, and finding we can manage businesses from here… we’re spending less time in Kuwait.

      You’re welcome to email if there’s anything at all you might need or would just like to meet some locals. You might also be interested in checking out Desert Girl’s awesome blog. She’s incredibly friendly, honest, still lives in Kuwait, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about the country.

  4. Hi,
    this is amazing your story I love it, I was reading it and you are such an inspiration and I relate to it
    I have a Muslim Partner , for about a year now, known him for 4 Years. meet at work we’re both the same age and he went to his country about 2 years ago, and got a family engagement, and it wasn’t what he wanted, he was in the engagement for about 5 months an ended it, because he wanted to marry somebody he chooses and it was me
    it is the best relationship, so honest and kind and loving, no pressure and no fooling around,not like the american/Canadians guys where they play around and with your mind
    a lot of people gave me a hard time about it, saying that it was like a ” CULT” or dangerous , going to the country and never coming back. my family hated the idea, of, and even my friends gave me a hard time, but I never had any doubts about him what so ever, from the moment I’ve met him I knew he was special and I loved him,.

  5. Hi,
    I loved the idea of your blog. From my heart I wish you and your family to keep loving life and live it happily for ever.
    I have a little problem and I wish you can help me. My promle is that I work in private sector and as you know English become the mother of all languages so I’m not native English speaker, I need someone is native English so he or she can help with my conversation skills. I understand English well, but I can’t speak it well. I’m willing to pay per hour to any native English speaker.
    Thanks and best regards.

  6. My question might be a little too deep, but since Arab culture takes in deep consideration about virginity or having extra marital sexual relations, have all of the happy ladies in here married with arabs had sex before marriage???

    I would love to read a reply and hope I am not being disrespectful.

    • I think it depends upon the depth in which he practices his religion; Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. All religions say sex before marriage is a sin, so an Arab Muslim man is more than likely to behave and think just like a man from any other culture or any other religion.

  7. What about a guy who’s an Arabic american citizen been in America for 15 years dates an American girl , gets Engaged to a Arabic woman while on Vacation in Iraq for 1 month. Breaks it off with the American girl, gets married for 3 months to the arabic woman, then divorces the arabic woman and wants to date the american again

    • I suspect the marriage to the woman in Iraq was a request made by his mother or other family members. Perhaps even something his family felt obligated to put him up to. But, after living in the US for so long, he probably made it very clear to his family that type of marriage just wasn’t for him, and out of respect for his wishes, they allowed him to divorce.

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