Happy New Year and Farewell

First and foremost, I truly want to thank those of you who have stuck around throughout the years following the blog. I may have started blogging as an outlet for myself, but you’re the ones who kept me going. The questions, the reaching out for advice, the sharing of your own personal stories; that eventually became the most important part of the blog for me. So again, thank you.

Next, happy new year, peeps! I’m starting the year with a bit of a hectic schedule but only through the first couple of months. I suspect by March/April timeframe, things will really start to slow down and I can get back to being incredibly selfish and putting myself first. Fortunately, the things I’ll be involved with for the beginning of the year truly bring out the best in me, so it’s definitely worth it. I hope you all find something to be passionate about in 2018. I hope you focus on the best you. I hope you dream big and make those dreams come true. I hope you find happiness like you’ve never known before. And with that happiness may you be confident, secure, and totally in love with yourself. May 2018 be the year of you!

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff, shall we? I started the blog in 2005 while living abroad in Kuwait. Since then I’ve had 2 other women writing with me at different times. Guest writers and ghostwriters. Sometimes, it’s been just me. It’s outlined the details of friendships and relationships; the good, the bad, and the smelly. The blog has allowed me to meet some fantastic people from all over the world, job offers, blind dates, and even a stalker or two. But hey, in the big scheme of things, it’s been fun.

Take care, kind readers. Wishing you all the best in the year of you.

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Farewell

  1. Ok that news just sucks. How am I supposed to adequately stalk you?! I guess I’ll have to resort to Facebook….

    But you know I have the same predicament. I’ve been sliding into negativity in the past few years and haven’t had much positive to say about Kuwait life in general. I see the newbies with their wide eyes and awe at how a wonderful and different place Kuwait is and I can no longer relate. 22 years and the blush has worn off the rose. But 22 years ago, it was uncharted territory and everything was new and different and awe-inspiring. Now it’s hard to see the desert for the sand because I’m looking at massive piles of garbage mounting up and just getting pissed off at the baladiya for charging campers huge amounts of money for “rent” and then doing nothing WITH that money (like cleaning up trash).

    You know my story. You know my situation. I haven’t posted for a while. I’m finding it difficult due to circumstances that I can’t discuss online, so I feel for ya. Life takes over. I think what I will continue to do is to write blog posts and then just save them for the eventual book. Like the journal that it has become.

    Looking forward to catching up on e-mail and phone! Cool.

    • The best way to stalk me is to email, call, or come visit anytime!

      Yes, Kuwait will always be a very dear place. But, it’s my memories that are dear. The Kuwait I once knew and loved is no more. It’s become a place I barely recognize. I totally know how you feel and I completely understand your situation.

      Things have changed so much since either of us started blogging; both in Kuwait and in our personal lives. Blogging served several purposes over time and it allowed us to share experiences for a place we were both in love with. Now, we’re in a different place in life. Perhaps we’re more invested in living life and not so interested in documenting it with random strangers anymore. Not really sure.

      You’re always in my thoughts. Give me a call when you’re free <3


  2. Thank for the New Year farewell. I really enjoyed your blogs so you will be missed. I do wish you great success in all of your endeavors and I hope your readers and followers have a great year. I do appreciate you sharing your experiences and helping many of us to understand Arab culture. I believe what made your blogs special is because your stories came from your own personal experience and to me that is what makes it all the more unique. You probably cannot begin to imagine how many lives you have changed or the level of possibilities that may have influence change on a personal level. Life is profound with many dimensions and it’s complicated even when we are trying to discover who we are and how fit in the grand scheme of things. Differences in religion and culture can separate us if we don’t take the time to explore, understand, and perhaps embrace the idea we can co-exist if we are open minded. I won’t claim that I am well versed with regard to the Arab culture but I have learned to respect them. I have developed meaningful friendships while learning the Arabic language as I mature in life. Sharing the English language and American culture with my new Arab friends has been great and funny, especially the American idioms. Well anyway, once again have a wonderful new year and many blessings to you and your readers.

    • Thank you so much, Pauline. You have no idea how your kind words truly touch my heart. I’m so thrilled to know that I’ve made a difference for anyone, and hopefully a positive one. As much as I enjoyed sharing my life, experiences, and stories, I loved reading about all of yours as well. It was such a pleasure to hear about the different levels of understanding people had of one another’s cultures.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment throughout the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • I think it’s probably time. At least on this blog. I’ll leave the content here for readers to refer back to in case they’ve ever commented or simply want to read old posts. However, it will be moved to americangirlsworld.wordpress.com. Perhaps one day I’ll find something related to the blog to write about, but, until then it’s important for me to focus on issues that are important to me and invest my time in those areas. Thank you for reading!

      • Even though I literally just today discovered your blog, I feel like a long time fan. Am gonna read through your blog from the earliest post available !! Wish you happiness in your life back in USA.

          • That’s correct. I changed hosts in 2010 and didn’t export the previous blog information. I’ve also made a number of my posts since 2010 private.

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