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Kuwait Blogger Negativty

I’m normally not one to bother making derogatory comments about others, especially publicly. I find it to be in bad taste and really serves no purpose. However, it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want. Sometimes we all need to vent. Not to mention, as blogging has kind of died out so to speak, chances of anyone reading this are pretty slim.

Only recently have I spent a little time reviewing some of the blogs I once read while living in Kuwait. There are two I still keep up with fairly regularly (DesertGirl and 248am) because one I adore on a personal level and the other offers incredibly useful information and has a positive outlook on the country, even as it undergoes a number of changes. And, in many cases, isn’t quite keeping up with its GCC neighbors. But, Mark still manages to find the interesting, the good, and some super unique things to share.

So, as I’m browsing some of the old blogs I found many aren’t even around anymore, and the ones that are, for the most part, have turned into advertisements. The ones that still exist and are still active and aren’t advertising everything under the sun, seem to be bitter, angry, and hateful. I read a few entries of one blog and thought, “Ouch! Why on earth are you still in Kuwait?!” So much hate and discontent. Bashing the law enforcement of Kuwait, insulting the infrastructure, disrespecting the airport, and comparing Kuwait to other countries in a negative analogous manner. All of that negativity on top of the atrocious grammar makes it simply painful to read. Probably why I haven’t in years.

With that being said, if I’m so against negativity why this post? Well, Kuwait is still home to me. My husband and I may live in the United States but we still have family, a home, and business interests in Kuwait. We visit often. We love it the same way we always have. I genuinely believe in Kuwait. Sure, it has its share of corruption and growth is slow, but there have been great strides over the last decade. Changes, positive changes, are being made. The youth of Kuwait are taking on incredible initiatives, starting fabulous nonprofits, and making real change in their country. These things are admirable and should be highlighted. Especially by those who are residing in the country and enjoying the benefits.

If people constantly seek out the negative they’re going to find it. If you wallow in misery, you’re always going to be miserable. If you hate Kuwait, fine. But when claiming to be an ‘expert’ on the country, have the decency to share the great things about it with random strangers. Otherwise, just refer to yourself as a whining miserable soul who bitches about everything but does nothing to contribute to positive change.

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  1. Nat Nat

    I know which blog you’re talking about. I read it a few times before I think and all she does is complain about Kuwait. She mentioned that she’s stuck there so I don’t think she can leave. That might explain why she’s so miserable and bitter.

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