Updates from readers?

Over the years many of you have written to me or commented on the blog and so kindly shared your experiences. Some good, others not. Some of you have been so kind as to share your photos with me, details about your vacations, or just write to suggest a morning meeting over coffee. I’ve come to adore many of you and truly value the dear friends I’ve met through the blog.

That being said, I find myself thinking about some of you from time to time. Perhaps you commented on the blog years ago regarding a new relationship but never followed up. Or, maybe you were someone who emailed intimate details of an abusive marriage you were in. Or, you were one of my readers who was so kind to share their story with others here in hopes of helping them through a situation. I would absolutely love to hear from those of you who still follow the blog. I would love updates on your initial comments. And I would love to know where you are in life now. Did you marry that man? Dump the loser? Move to the other country?

If you’re not comfortable with a follow up on the blog, please feel free to email me and update me there. Looking forward to reading comments and/or emails from many of you!

10 thoughts on “Updates from readers?

  1. Thank you for caring about your readers. So cool! I commented a couple of times before but my update is as follows: dated a couple more years, got married, separated, got back together, have one baby and another on the way. We’re happier than ever and I love my king of a husband.

  2. Hi American Girl.
    I just pass by your blog by coincidence.
    I have not read all your post yet but I hope you continue to blog.I am a contractor in Iraq and thinking about moving to Kuwait.

    Will keep in touch but please keep blogging if you have the chance to do so.

    • HI Yasir, that’s so kind of you. I do try to blog from time to time but haven’t been keeping up with it like I once did. Best of luck to you. I do hope you make it to Kuwait for work, it’s an incredible country.

  3. Hello American Girl,
    First I would like to extend my appreciation for your response regarding my last comment in December, 2016. You had asked if I would keep you updated regarding my situation. Briefly for those who aren’t familiar, I am a Christian who met an Algerian who happens to be younger than I am. We have been friends for five months and we are fond of each other. We continue to grow in our friendship and I cannot say at this point if it will lead to anything more but I can honestly say I am impressed with his kindness and thoughtfulness. I don’t have a problem with our religious differences because there are some similarities.
    We both believe in God, neither of us smoke or drink, and we share the idea of having strong family ties. I never knew anything about Arabs or much about Muslims. I have told a few friends about our friendship and some of the comments made were a little shocking. There are so many stereotypical ideas about Muslim men, it is sad really. I didn’t mention in my previous comment that I do have sons. It was hurtful when my own son said something that I won’t repeat because I don’t want to offend anyone.
    I have read comments from others on this site and right now my situation is quite different. We do talk almost everyday, we have Skyped, and shared stories , history, and photos. I just accepted our age difference because I realize that truly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It truly depends upon the two people who are involved. Family is important but it does depend on those involved and how realistic they are about their decision to be together.
    Being obedient to God is important to me and I see it is important to my friend as well. I say that is a good start because we do respect each other.
    I am still learning about his culture and I actually began to learn about the foods and favorite dishes in North Africa. I love to cook so why not expand my culinary skills plus he lives alone and hates to cook.
    I am preparing to visit him in the summer probably in June, in France because he is a resident there. My sister will be going with me so it will be a vacation too. This has been a great experience for me and continues to be. He is excited to meet me in person and I feel the same. He is a great friend someone I know who will be in my life always. That is my update and I hope I have inspired someone go beyond their comfort zone because you never know the possibilities until you explore. Take care and God bless.

    • I’m so glad things are working out well for you. How exciting; a vacation and a first meeting! I look forward to hearing about it. I love that you’re learning about his culture and even interesting in the cuisine. Good for you.

  4. This is a great idea. I enjoyed all the comments from the first post and it helped me a lot. I would have left an update here but since it wasn’t so great I emailed you instead. I hope you don’t mind.

    • I don’t mind at all. I understand some prefer to keep their story private. I totally respect that πŸ™‚ Sorry things didn’t work out but that just opens doors for a better future.

      • Hello American girl, I am traveling for a week to Kuwait to do some business. What places in Kuwait you recommend me to visit😊?

        • Hi there. I would suggest you check Desert Girl’s blog or 248am. Both are still and aware of some of the newer, more exciting things to participate in. Hope you enjoy!

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