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As I’ve always made very clear… I do not advertise. Period. I don’t get free meals, free cell phones, beauty supplies, make-up, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, or anything else in return for sharing an opinion on my blog. So when I do promote a product it’s because I either really believe in it, or I’ve used it and found it to be unsurpassed by its competition.

That being said… Argan Oil. For those who aren’t familiar with it you might want to consider doing a little research. It’s great for the skin, the hair, nails, etc. And it’s all natural. Because it originates in Morocco and women in this region spend a great deal of time on beauty treatments, you would think Argan Oil would be a staple in every household. I’ve recently discovered that’s not the case and many women from this region aren’t even familiar with the product or its natural benefits.

On one of my recent trips to my salon I found they’re now selling Argan Oil in pretty little brown bottles with a silver foil label. I won’t mention the brand, but did opt to buy a small bottle for 15 KD — approximately $50 for just over an ounce. I only chose their product over my friend’s because she sells out of the US and I wasn’t sure what the shipping time to Kuwait would be. I’m an ‘instant gratification’ kinda girl.

I wish I had waited the few short days for her product!

What I purchased (assuming it was 100% Argan Oil) was only a small percentage of oil. The rest appears to be fragrance and additives. I’ve used it on my hair and skin and found the effects are opposite what they should be (hair gets super dry, skin overly oily), and it’s not at all what I expected. The results are nothing compared to what real, pure Argan Oil provide, but instead it’s like a cheap (yet overly priced) knock-off. I even tried using it on my hair, daily, for an entire week after each wash thinking maybe it needed time to penetrate and really do its job. Wrong! My hair was dry, brittle, and horribly damaged looking… compared to my normally shiny, healthy locks. I compared the difference of blow drying to naturally drying — same results. I’ve concluded their additives are just overwhelming the benefits of the product and certainly won’t be buying this brand again… ever!

Fortunately, I’ll be returning home in 53 days (yay!) at which time I can easily order 100% pure Argan Oil from my friend Nicole, and know it will make it to my doorstep overnight if I so choose. Furthermore, her business is a completely family owned and operated business. She has invested a great deal of time and effort into perfecting her product while managing to keep it pure. I’ve blogged about her product once before, but felt compelled again since my recent experience resulted in a hair fiasco.

If you’re interested, please visit her site by following the link here.

6 thoughts on “Argan Oil — Sahara Serum

  1. I just ordered 100% pure Argan oil from but when that is finished I will be sure to order from your friend. If you say it’s good then I know it’s great. Thanks for the tip.

    • I hope you like what you ordered better than the stuff I purchased here in Kuwait…eeek! I’m sure my friend will appreciate your order when the time comes. Thank you!

  2. When I first heard of Argan Oil I used Moroccanoil which has some of the oil in it but not 100%. It works well but after realizing I should use 100% pure I switched to Purador from After finishing my current bottle I will switch to your friends. The website looks good and so does the quality of her product. 🙂

  3. I love Argan Oil. Groupon had a special couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked since. I added drops to my regular lotion and shampoo, as stated on the label but can also be used directly. My skin is usually dry during winter months but not this year. Yes, have to make sure its 100% though.

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