When life becomes normal

One of the more difficult things about keeping the blog alive is finding topics that are relevant as well as interesting to my readers. I’ll contemplate a few current events, the political climate, and life then quickly realize one is always negative, the other is outright scary, and well, life is kinda boring. Not necessarily boring to me, but how much can one actually write about cats, dogs, and chickens? That’s pretty much what our lives have become. Not that either of us are complaining. If anything I think we’ve found some sense of incredible comfort in this simple little life of ours.

A few days ago I posted several photos of our pets on Facebook just hanging out in the backyard; running, playing, and doing doggie stuff. It made me realize their every moment of happiness is totally reliant upon my husband and I. They eat well, sleep well, and play with a smile on their face because we’ve provided that. It took me back to a time not so long ago where my days consisted of planning world travel while getting Botox. Not that dogs playing and Botox are even remotely related. But one has so little meaning in the big scheme of things while the other is suddenly my entire world. My husband and I have postponed and cancelled more vacations than I care to count because we just didn’t want to be away from the pets. Yeah, sounds crazy to some. But as happy as I like to think we make them, I know, without a doubt, they’re a huge part of our happiness as well.

See? This is one of those posts with absolutely no point and no real topic.

Ayam Cemanis. Yes. I raise exotic chickens from Indonesia.

Visual changes

Every now and then, sometimes more often than not, I make changes to the theme of the blog. Obviously, since I’m not one of those super cool code people like my husband, I simply use a template. While he’s offered to create my web space for me, I find a sense of comfort in knowing I can manage and update my blog on my own. Perhaps it makes me feel a little more tech savvy than I really am.

So, as my regular readers (if you peeps are still around) might notice, I’ve changed the theme yet again. I am, however, going to have my husband go into the editing portion of the page and tweek a few things. I’m not at all happy with the font sizes.

There are times when I really want to revive the blog and give it the life it once had. According to the stats I still have a solid number of readers but I find maintaining that just may not be possible. I no longer find the same things interesting that I once did and therefore, would want to go in a different direction. As I’ve mentioned a number of times before. But, instead, I’ll simply change themes from time to time and see if that brings me back to blogging. I miss it. I really do. I love to write and I love to interact with my readers. I like the idea that perhaps just one person found comfort by reading something here. The thought that perhaps I’ve offered insight or assistance to someone in need brings me more joy than I can even express in words.

So, that being said… I’m hoping to give the blog life again. Perhaps in the near future.