Classy & Elegant… All The Way!

As my readers have probably figured out by now — I’m ‘boring’ (and I wake rather early). Well, perhaps not necessarily boring, but I definitely prefer quiet, elegance, and quality people as opposed to quantity. Generally speaking I prefer the¬†serene side of life. Snow, fireplaces, great coffee, and incredible company to share it all with.

This honeymoon has been the epitome of just that… classy & elegant. Quiet yet meaningful. It’s being titled ‘My 3 Days of Tiffany’s’. (more on that tomorrow)

Obviously while we’re in America I don’t do ‘touristy’ things — as, well — I’m not a tourist. This is my home, my comforts, and it’s becoming more evident… my true happiness.

My husband made all the plans for this honeymoon… the 1st of 3. I’ve planned the next, and the 3rd is something we decided on together.

While in NYC we’ve taken great pleasure in our stay at the Trump International Hotel. It definitely deserves its 5 star/5 diamond rating. The location… perfect, the view… breath-taking, and the comfortable luxury I can easily get lost in. No detail is missed — from the fresh flowers daily to the Godiva left on the pillow with the nightly turn-down. It really is the little things which bring me such happiness.

Unfortunately, the pending weather conditions have forced us to cut NYC a day short and head back down closer to home before we get stuck here. Not that being stuck here would be so terrible by any means.

I doubt I’ll be blogging very much over the next few weeks as we’ll be submerged in total and complete relaxation.

Moved… Finally!

The day after Thanksgiving we started packing. Everything had been completed; hardwood floors installed, painting done, furniture delivered, and the furniture we were having made was finished and inside the home. All that was needed were our personal belongings from the apartment — which appeared to be so minimal. Ha! You never really know how much stuff you have until it’s time to move.

The movers did show up at 7am sharp and had us fully relocated within 3 hours. I was impressed with their hard work, careful packing, and great personalities. None of them spoke English so I gave directives to my husband when it came to fragile items and he translated. One of the movers said to him (in Arabic), “I bet she gets mad at you, complains in English, and you have no idea what she’s saying, huh?” Little do they know my husband has the misfortune of speaking English better than me and gets to fully embrace every little complaint. I, on the other hand, do not fully understand Arabic so he probably gets¬†away with a lot of comments… with a smile.

Now I sit in the middle of boxes and suitcases… overwhelmed. What I thought would be a simple job of unpacking and organizing seems to be confusing. Where on earth did we put all this stuff before?! My husband keeps telling me to have the maid help as much as possible, but if I don’t have a clue where it goes, how will she?!

So, all moved in and happy. I wasn’t complaining… really!!

The Time Has Come… Almost

Just a few more days and I’ll officially be ‘his wife’. And yes, I’m terrified. I didn’t think I would be, but I am. Certainly not because of him… he makes this all seem so simple and right. He understands my fears and has a way of making them disappear with a few little words. I even think I’ve become a bit selfish with my fears, not really asking if he might have them as well. I just assume he doesn’t because he’s so calm about everything. I’ve been given one little detail to handle and I’m down to the deadline and still don’t have it taken care of. He, on the other hand, has taken on all the other tasks and seems to have it all worked out. Or at least I hope he does.

The next several months will consist of so many life changing events that I’m overwhelmed thinking about it. Even more things I’ll leave up to him. He’s really good at making my crazy feel so normal.