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Dec 27

Different cultures = new traditions


My grave lack of interest in Christmas this year recently prompted a very serious conversation between me and myself. Not out loud, though I have been known to talk to myself. “Wanna go shopping?” “Nah. It’s too hot.” “Wanna decorate and start a fire in the fireplace?” “Nah. It’s too hot.” I think I was …

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Jul 20

Networking and small talk.

After what felt like a super long week filled with business meetings, studies, research papers and networking, I was finally able to relax a little late last night and catch up on some reading. While browsing for interesting and relevant articles about networking I came across this piece in Entrepreneur. Small talk; probably my biggest …

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Jul 04

Happy Birthday, America! [2014]

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July 4th is one of my favorite holidays and I look forward to creating some kind of little celebration every year; whether it be with friends, family, or just partaking in some public event. This year has required a bit of creativity since it’s Ramadan — a futoor cook-out. Last night we experienced the first …

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Jun 30

Ramadan TV schedule [Jacqui — CouchAvenue re-post]

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Every year one of the things I really look forward to during Ramadan are the fabulous (that’s debatable) television shows. I prefer the ones that are filmed locally in Kuwait so I can say, “Hey! Look! I lived there.” or “Look, honey! There’s our favorite restaurant”. They feel more personal to me. And though I …

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Jun 29

Ramadan Mubarak [2014]


Wishing you all a wonderful Ramadan with family and loved ones. Remember, Kuwait is an Islamic country and eating, drinking, chewing gum, or public displays of affection could result in a month in jail, a 100 KD fine, or both. Be respectful of the law and those who are fasting. We’ll be celebrating the Holy …

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Jun 10

Ramadan is coming! [2014]

Every year around this time I get super excited about Ramadan. I always love the preparations; having dara’a made (loving the Emirati ones this year), preparing the menu, reviewing fasting times, and shopping for necessities. Ramadan is also the time of year when families gather more often than just Fridays. I miss that! Though a …

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May 22

Internal Revenue Service Webinar [US Embassy Kuwait]

The US Embassy Kuwait will be conducting a webinar to provide information to US Citizens regarding their IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and tax filing requirements. It seems the reporting of foreign income for dual citizens seems a bit intimidating and has many reaching out for professional services. The most important thing to remember is that …

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Apr 16



en.v & Zain To Create Crowd-Sourced Recycled Art Installation at Kuwait Scientific Center In celebration of Earth Day, en.v – an organization dedicated to promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the Arab world – has developed an interactive art installation to be displayed at The Scientific Center as part of the organization’s REUSE program. …

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Feb 25

Happy Liberation and National Day! [Kuwait – 2014]

Wishing you all a fabulous celebration, vacation, and safe travels! For the past several years it seems all the locals travel out of Kuwait during the holiday, making room for those from surrounding countries. It’s always nice to see others join in the celebration but sad that many Kuwaitis leave and don’t participate. Hopefully this …

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Feb 15

Happy Valentine’s Day! [2014]

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Every year men all over the world (or at least in countries that celebrate Valentine’s day) are running around, making plans, ordering flowers, picking up the chocolates, and purchasing jewelry. All in the name of Valentine’s Day. My husband is no exception. Our first V-Day together was still ‘honeymoon’ phase of our marriage so it …

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