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Jan 19

The old and the new; self definition within cultural norms

Though we no longer reside full time in Kuwait we certainly make an effort to keep up with the daily happenings there considering we do still have family and other interests there. Let me rephrase that, I keep up with the daily happenings. My husband has almost zero interest in what’s taking place in Kuwait. …

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Jun 29

Ramadan Mubarak [2014]


Wishing you all a wonderful Ramadan with family and loved ones. Remember, Kuwait is an Islamic country and eating, drinking, chewing gum, or public displays of affection could result in a month in jail, a 100 KD fine, or both. Be respectful of the law and those who are fasting. We’ll be celebrating the Holy …

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Jun 10

Ramadan is coming! [2014]

Every year around this time I get super excited about Ramadan. I always love the preparations; having dara’a made (loving the Emirati ones this year), preparing the menu, reviewing fasting times, and shopping for necessities. Ramadan is also the time of year when families gather more often than just Fridays. I miss that! Though a …

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Oct 26

Saudi women staging grass roots movement to drive

I am incredibly late at getting this and several other things posted.  However, this is such an important topic and I definitely wanted to share this before the day ended. Below you’ll find a beautiful statement by Rotana as well as her cover song ‘Team’. Wishing the women of Saudi Arabia all the best! “I …

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Oct 07

The Liberal Muslim

*Click image for source

I’m not one to blog about religion, nor am I one to incite a religious debate. I have no interest in being attacked or attacking anyone else for their beliefs… regardless of their religion. I’m quite open about my ‘liberal’ standpoint on pretty much everything in life. It’s all very simple to me; as long …

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Jul 08

Ramadan 2013 — American Style

Photo Credit: My husband

Wishing all of my readers around the world a wonderful Ramadan! This will be the first year in a very long time that I’ve spent Ramadan in America, and the first time for my husband. It’s odd. Definitely odd. There’s not an entire country running around making huge preparations and discussing the upcoming month. Nor …

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Aug 26


Lately, when I find myself slumping off into the land of stress, I whisper gentle reminders in my head about how wonderful life is as long as we remain optimistic. So much really depends on our attitude, how we handle issues, and on what level we learn to overcome… or even embrace challenges. Moreover, I’m …

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Jul 20



Wishing all of my readers and everyone around the world a wonderful Ramadan this year. I personally like to use this time of year to reflect on who I am, my previous experiences, and what I can do to make better choices from this point forward. I believe our religion is carried in our hearts …

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Jul 14

Ramadan On July 20

KUWAIT CITY, July 12, (KUNA): Astronomical calculations indicate that the holy month of Ramadan will most likely start in Kuwait next Friday, July 20, Meteorologist Dr Saleh Al-Ujairi said Thursday. Al-Ujairi pointed out that the new crescent will be observed next Thursday. While the crescent would only be visible for one minute in Kuwait, other …

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Apr 10

Easter At The Mosque: Sacramento Muslims Lend Space To Churchless Christian Congregation

Absolutely fantastic! It’s always so nice to hear about people who really practice their religion — no matter what their belief. _______________________________________________________ Hundreds of worshippers in Sacramento, Calif., were able to celebrate Easter together this Sunday thanks to a local Muslim organization that let the Christians hold services in their mosque, the Sacramento Bee reports. …

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